vendredi 21 juin 2013

Sheep Ahoy

En janvier dernier, j'avais realise une pleine page de jeux qui avait ete refusee, car le magazine trouvait que cela ne correspondait pas a leur lectorat , trop enfantin , et je viens de realiser que cette page a quand meme ete publiee par ce magazine !!!

Du coup autant la publier sur mon blog
 ( on peut voir au passage le reamenagement un peu sauvage qui a ete fait afin que la page corresponde au nouveau format des pleines pages jeux au Journal de Mickey ) 

A while ago, ( in january ) I made a full page of various games for a magazine but it was rejected because they thought it was too childish for their readers, and then , yesterday , I realised that it's been published by that very same magazine !!!

So I guess I can share it with you now ( you can see the differences made between my rejected page and what they've published , they have seriously touched up my page to fit their new format )

There is five games in that page :

1/ the maze : Make the sheep dog join the flock before the wolf comes
2/ which shadow belongs to the thief wolf
3/ what does the sheeps says ? use the code to translate knowing that A=1, B=2, C=3 ... Z=26
4/ which piece comes from the picture ?
5/ there are two bunch of flowers alike , which ones ?

Enjoy !

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